The second expanded meeting of the working group of developers of the Strategy of the Kharkiv region-2027

Numerous representatives of the Civic union “Slobozhansky strategies” Dr.Sc. Igor Dunayev, Igor Kuznetsov, Dr.Sc. Volodymyr Rodchenko, Yulia Prus and others took an active part in development and finalization of the draft Strategy for Development of the Kharkiv Region on 2021-2027. They were working in various thematic working groups on smart-specialization, on civil society development, on attracting investment and international cooperation, and contributed with some principal proposals to the text of the strategy, as well as they submitted several project proposals to the 2021-2023 Implementation plan of the Strategy. In particular, these proposals are related to the Program for the restoration of energy-efficient heat supply in the Kharkov region: (a) ESCO-contracts, (b) creation of integrated energy-efficient facilities, (c) cogeneration for small cities, (d) distributed energy supply system based on mini-Heating stations operating on local fuel, agricultural waste and other carbon-containing materials.
Finally, on February 25, 2020, the second expanded meeting of the steering committee and the working group on the development of the Kharkov Region Development Strategy for the period 2021–2027 and the action plan for its implementation for 2021–2023 took place in the Kharkov Regional State Administration.
During this meeting, details of regional development, the content of the strategy and the plan for its implementation were reported by Vitaly Poghosyan, First Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv regional administration. He stressed on that the steering committee and the working group on the development of the strategy was formed by order of the chairman of KOGA Alexei Kucher on January 14, 2020. Over 200 specialists were working on the strategy being divided into 17 thematic groups. As a result, the content of the strategy, mission and vision of the region, strategic and operational tasks were formed already on January 17, 2020. Until the 28th, on a specially created online platform, project ideas were accepted into the plan for its implementation.
“In total, the steering committee received 886 project ideas for all 25 operational goals of the strategy. On average – 34 design ideas per operational target”, – Vitaly Poghosyan cited the data.
In the strategy and plan for its implementation, much attention is paid to issues and projects to protect the environment, as well as the economic component.
The official adoption of Strategy-2027 and its implementation plan is planned on February 27, 2020, at the regular session of the Kharkiv Regional Council.
The texts of the strategy, implementation plan and strategic environmental assessment of the strategy will be available on the official websites of the regional state administration and the Kharkiv Regional Council.