Science Day in Kharkov region

The solemn event in honor of Science Day united representatives of the scientific community of the Kharkiv region in the hall of the regional philharmonic. For the Kharkiv region, science is a name. This is what Kharkiv created. The competitiveness’ key of the Kharkiv region, as an innovative update, is scientific achievements.

During the event, leading and young scientists of the region, the best students of Kharkiv universities were noted. They received awards from KRSA, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, diplomas to students-winners of the XІІІ Kharkiv regional competition of student scientific works in the natural, technical and human sciences. Namely, a member of the Supervisory Board of PU «Slobozhanski Strategies», Igor Dunaev, was awarded a diploma of a scholarship holder in the field of humanities named V.N. Karazin.