Projects of Energy Saving and Energy Efficient Modernization of Municipal Ownership Premises Presented at the General Meeting of the Association of Local Self-Government Bodies

On December 24, 2019, a general meeting of the Association of Local Self-Government Bodies was held, during which projects aimed at the development of territorial communities were heard.
One of the issues discussed at the General meeting was the acceleration of the Programs of Energy Saving and Energy-efficient modernization of budgetary institutions using the opportunities provided by Law of Ukraine No. 327-VIII. Reported by the above-mentioned question – Financial Expert Advisor – Partner of the Union – Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine).
The considerable interest of the present, the heads of district councils and the amalgamated territorial communities, caused an opportunity without budgetary expenses of the communities – to carry out insulation of buildings of schools, kindergartens and other social objects and to update the systems of heat supply.The aforementioned is possible with the help of energy saving management of material reserves on the basis of solving the problems of economy and energy saving of premises. For this purpose, the Law of Ukraine No. 327-VIII introduces a mechanism for concluding energy service contracts with specialized enterprises.