Public sector

1. All-Ukrainian Association of Local Self-Government “Association of Village, Settlement Councils and Amalgamated Communities of Ukraine”



2. Kharkiv Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Association of Private Employers”


3. Public Union “EAST-WEST Foundation” 


4. Public Coalition “Kharkiv Reformation Coalition” 


5. The Association of local governments of the Kharkov region 


6. Civic Council at the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (Dr. Igor Dunayev as the executive director of our Union is the elected member since October, 2017) 


7. NGO “Association of Employees for Implementation of Heat and Energy Saving Technologies”


8. NGO “Interregional Union of Poultry and Fodder Producers of Ukraine”


1. “Karazin Business School”


2. Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine 


3. Public Union «Kharkiv University Consortium» 


Local authorities

1.Department of Economics and International Relations of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration


2. Kupyansk city council of the Kharkiv region 


3. Lyubotyn city council of the Kharkiv region 


4. Pervomaysk city council of the Kharkiv region 


5. Pisochyn settlement council of the Kharkiv region 


6. Chkalovska settlement amalgamated territorial community 


7. Shevchenko District State Administration of the Kharkiv region 


Local business

1. Group of companies “KharkivMash” LLC 


2. Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC-Ukraine) 


3. Eurolider Sp. z o.o. (Wraclaw, Poland) 


4. Entrepreneurs’ Union of the Kharkiv Region 


5. Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Kharkiv Region 


6. Association of entrepreneurs in the field of trade and public catering of the Kharkiv region “Trade unity”