Our expertise

Arranging the project activities to attract investment and more expertise to Ukrainian regions

It’s about our proactive participating in implementation of effective expert and public dialogue on a common initiation, development and deployment of socially useful projects in Kharkiv region and Slobozhanshchina macroregion of Ukraine. Promoting the emergence of tangible investment projects in the format of public-private partnerships is stood among the main priorities of our work.

Regional economic policy

It’s considered as maintaining the mechanisms of included, sustainable and smart modernization of a Ukrainian region’s economy during all stages of this process. Facilitating better results in public-private partnership and other projects in the local communities in Slobozhanshchina regions and nationwide.

Contributing to regional energy, housing and communal policy

This is adjusting the procedures of project work to obtain extra-budgetary funding, tracking and monitoring an energy efficient pattern of Ukrainian regions as well as its reshaped energy markets and markets of related services. Supporting for “clean technology” and alternative energy