Digital transformations in the public sector were included in the priority sectors of our work in 2020-2022.

In May 2020, the Steering Board and some our leading experts have made a joint decision to include the ‘Digital Transformations and Digital Assets in the Public Sector’ into priority sectors for 2020-2022. This is due to the fact that significant changes in the State and local agendas and reforms are related specifically to digitalization, as well as to the presence of reliable partnerships with initiative and competent organizations (e.g., the Research Center for Blockchain Solutions (https://www., university departments in this area. “Slobozhansky strategies” rely on new joint initiatives for Ukraine and the role of a partner at the regional and local levels.
Accordingly, this was included in the new Development Strategy of our Organization and in a public presentation.
As a result, the first practical step in the new direction of “Digital Transformations …” was the entry into the composition of the initiators of changes to the published draft law of the Ministry of Figures “On Virtual Assets” (
So, this draft law was submitted for discussion on May 18, 2020 with the aim of determining the legal status of virtual assets, their use and circulation on the Ukrainian market, establishing legal relations in the virtual assets market, and regulating the procedures for issuing virtual assets. On the whole, standing as the Public Union, we see a huge untapped potential of virtual assets for the economy and employment in Ukraine, their ability to attract new financial and investment resources in conditions of inaccessible lending. We are interested in removing legal and stereotypical blockages for the emergence of opportunities with which we associate virtual assets, in favor of which the citizens of Ukraine.
Our joint initiative should be the subject of public hearings in Kyiv in the near future.