Debugging of work with Pisochin business

On October 2, 2018, a planned public hearing and a seminar for representatives of local business of the Pisochin community were held. On the agenda of public hearings there was a frank discussion of the most critical issues for business development in the Pisochin united community and the main expectations of local entrepreneurs from voluntary association and, in particular, the active position of the community itself. Attending entrepreneurs noted that the main problems for them lie outside the united community and associated with lending, non-transparent acquisition of rights of lease of land plots. Expectation – about the creation of leisure and business infrastructure in the Pisochin itself, in conditions of already existing demand, opportunities for maneuvering the cost of heat and power resources (especially solar power) and others.

At a seminar from mastering on investment opportunities, which was conducted by Volodymyr Sobolev, discussed current risks and opportunities for using external financial resources by united community, and in particular – Pisochin, discussed specific investment directions and projects in which Pisochin people can and should participate with the benefit of themselves. One of the conclusions of the seminar was the agreement on the training of businessmen of the compressed «teasers» of their projects for all next hearings and meetings and joint discussion of concrete ways of implementing each in the context of the participatory strategy of development of Pisochin united community.

In the events took part entrepreneurs from the urban village Pisochin and Berezivka.