Our principles and values

The common good.

We are strongly convinced that the common good is able to balance the right and desire of a person to its individual ownership of resources of a community and a society. Every human being and society should have an adequate access to common resources to ensure the well-being and a full and happy life, and this is possible through working together, and this is the common good. Our priority will be on those development projects and programs that consider cooperation with all relevant sectors of the public in order to promote the common good of the Kharkiv and Slobozhanshchina region as integral and bearing parts of united Ukraine. The principle of the common good is also put in coordination of available resources, in planning and handshaking with other influential institutions and organizations. We believe that the energy of joint development piles trust and overall strength up.


Only the initiative patient people would unveil the way to success and the common good. Feeling the inner urge to new forms of work and cohesion in Slobozhanschyna, only inspired people mould new ability to create the common good and to be among the leaders of change.

Success through knowledge and expertise.

Success in achieving the common good, in promoting the democratic values ​​and economic prosperity of Ukraine’s regions depends on togetherness and perseverance of teams of experienced and patriotic people. Now it’s time to propose and imply effective solutions to common development, relying on own knowledge and boundless knowledge of mankind.

Transparency and accountability.

This is essential and critical factor to succeed in doing the common good. It is provided on two levels: activity of the Organization requires transparency in formation of its resource capacity; transparency should be in Organization’s statutory activities in deploying the projects initiated before, and, finally, in implementing the transparent criteria for interaction with third parties.

Political impartiality.

The Organization has no political objectives, has no political preferences in favor of certain candidates, parties or party alliances. We are located aside the political struggle as a non-partisan organization.


Our activities are carried out according to legislation of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Constitution and with respect for international norms, law and ethics.


All institutional members of the Organization as well as all personal members of the Coordinating Council agree to act within the statute, adopted general strategy of the Organization, they adhere to the adopted principles of their activity, management requirements and the unification of the corporate style, as well as the principles of disseminating information on the activities of the Organization.

International inclusion and cooperation.

We attribute the success of the strategy of Ukraine, its regions and social and business organizations with the emergency of mutually beneficial integration in international processes and networks, with the ability to absorb new opportunities to disseminate their experience and knowledge to foreign partners. The wise overcoming the problems of economic growth and maturation of Ukrainian regions that are learnt from international experience is strongly considered as additional prerequisite for the common good.