Academic experts of “Slobozhansky Strategies” took an active part in preparation of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets”

     Scientific experts of “Slobozhansky Strategies” – doctors of sciences Igor Dunayev, Lyudmila Belova and Volodymyr Rodchenko and the head of the steering board Igor Kuznetsov – being invited and under leadership of the Scientific Research Center for Economic and Legal Solutions in the Application of Distributed Ledger Technologies (“SRC blockchain solutions”; took an active part in the preparation of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets”.
This draft Law became the only alternative to Draft Law No. 3637 “On Virtual Assets”, previously submitted for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, to which there are still many comments from leading experts in legal, economic and other fields.
The draft Law proposed by “SRC blockchain solutions” regulates relations arising in the field of application of virtual assets that exist in the digital data accounting system based on distributed ledger technology – tokenized assets and cryptoassets.
Throughout 2020, the fundamental work of the strong scientific team of authors made it possible to single out the subject-object composition of such relations, as well as to classify virtual assets. An integrated approach to the settlement of legal relations arising in connection with the use of different types of virtual assets, which is applied in this draft Law, will allow integrating the currently known blockchain technology tools into existing legislative framework. At the moment, no other country in the World is known where an appropriate would be formed and enshrined at the legislative level.
Further provisions of the draft Law establish the legal regime of virtual assets, which makes it possible to determine the regulators of relations in the field of tokenized assets and cryptoassets.
Thanks to the support of some MPs, on November 5, 2020, the draft Law “On Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets” was successfully registered in the Ukrainian Parliament under number #4328.
In the near future, “SRC blockchain solutions” will announce the date of a public public discussion of the draft Law “On Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets”.
This draft Law is aimed at creating a favorable environment and conditions for the formation of a competitive economy in Ukraine through the widespread use of IT technologies and, in particular, blockchain.
The Draft Law “On Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets” No.4328 dated 05.11.2020: is downloadable at