Head of the Supervisory Board of Slobozhansky Strategies Igor Kuznetsov is establishing economic cooperation with Kazakhstan

Head of the Steering Board of Slobozhansky Strategies Igor Kuznetsov, as part of the Kharkiv delegation of ICC-Ukraine, has held a number of business meetings in the city of Nursultan, Republic of Kazakhstan, at the end of October 2020. Such international visit and the program of meetings have been initiated and organized by the Kazakh side, in particular – JSC NC “Kazakhstan Engineering” and supported at the Kazakhstan’s governmental level.

In the framework of several meetings with the heads of leading enterprises of Kazakhstan, the prospects for cooperation in the field of inter-sectoral cooperation of Ukrainian and Kazakh enterprises and public organizations were discussed for the next 5-10 years.

Based on the results of the meetings, a number of important issues were identified for bringing the relationship between companies to a new level. The parties also stressed that mutually beneficial long-term cooperation is one of the priority areas in their activities.

Igor Kuznetsov and his Ukrainian colleagues express their sincere gratitude to their Kazakh partners for the warm welcome, the highest level of preparation and the status of the meetings held.